How to Burn More Calories While Walking?

How to Burn More Calories While Walking. 

Many people today aspire to get fitter for the sake of their health. Are you one of the people who want to be fit and healthy? Then it’s best to make sure that you get the right amount of exercise! This is very important in order to get the cardiovascular benefits it will be able to do for you. You have tons of exercises to try out, ranging from cardiovascular to strength workouts. If you’re just beginning, then one of the best workouts you may want to try would be to start walking! Walking has a lot of benefits you will be able to reap, and what’s great is that anyone will be able to pick up on the exercise. After all, almost everyone has the ability to walk! You may think that walking does not burn a lot of calories, but you will actually be able to do so.

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But the question is: How? As a low-intensity exercise, won’t you want to simply try another exercise or sport instead? You’ll be surprised to know that walking can actually burn a lot more than expected. Wondering what you can do? In this article, we show you how to burn more calories while walking!

How to Burn More Calories While Walking

Walking is known as a low-intensity exercise that burns less calories than jogging or any other sport. But there are ways on how you can up the tempo and burn more calories than usual. Here are some things you can try following:

  • Try increasing your speed. Start brisk walking and walk faster, using your arms to increase the momentum and intensity. Pumping your arms helps increase the intensity of the walking session. Plus, you get to tone your arms at the same time. Taking shorter and faster steps will have you breathless!
  • Increase your incline. You can go to uphill areas, or you can also set the treadmill with the highest incline and tweak it as you go. The higher the incline, the more calories you burn.
  • Use extra weights on your feet or carry dumbbells. Not only will you be able to burn more calories, but you get to build muscle as well. You can choose to carry dumbbells while walking, or you can also purchase weighted shoes or sandbags to put in your shoes. Or, you can make your own weights and try making weights from water bottles to save money!
  • Alternate between short sprints and walks. Short bursts of high intensity exercises to follow with a recovery time (walking) is known to burn more fat and calories.
  • Try walking at different exercises, such as lunging while walking, or even hopping a bit! There are different types of exercise you will be able to do while waking to increase the calorie burn and help you build more muscle.
  • You can opt to invest in walking poles that will not only help you burn more calories and increase your intensity, but help you with balance as well. You can find any walking poles for sale from reputable online shops or around your local area.
  • Make sure that you have correct position with your back straight and butt out.
  • Set goals you will be able to reach. It challenges you more to burn calories!
  • Invest in a good activity tracker to accurately track the amount of calories you burn to encourage you.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to increase the calorie burn to as much as 50%. They’re simple to do and require very little investment. Plus, it takes little to no time at all to try doing these methods!

Burn More Calories While Walking

In Conclusion

Walking has a ton of benefits you will be able to reap. Not only will you be able to exercise anytime and anywhere, but you will become a healthier and fitter you in no time. For those who would like to lose weight and burn more calories, you shouldn’t disregard walking as a calorie burner. There are tons of ways you will be able to intensify the exercise and burn more calories than you usually would. Not only is it easy to increase the calorie burn, but you won’t even need to spend on any form of equipment. All you need is the willpower and good shoes and you’re ready to go. So what are you waiting for? Begin running and intensify the calorie burn with these ways on how to burn more calories while walking.

Hopefully, these tips on how to burn more calories while walking will be able to encourage you to start walking as a way to burn more calories and lose weight! Did you enjoy the article or have any other suggestion on burning more calories while walking? Then comment down below! We would love to hear how you will be able to burn more calories while walking.

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