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Best Way to Clean Satin Ballet Shoes

Ballet is an art sport require outstanding skills, flexible movement of the whole body and several tireless efforts as well. However, for a ballet dancer, her feet plays the most crucial role that contributes mostly to light, soft movements like a sworn. One of the most important tasks, hence, is to keep their feet healthy […]

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How To Use Walking Poles Properly

To hikers and climbers, walking poles are indispensable items in their luggage due to undeniable advantages they bring along. Perhaps, many of you own a perfect walking pole, yet the matter is that if you know how to use walking poles properly. With a right walking pole, you can retain your physical health for long […]

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How to make canvas shoes waterproof

In my mind, everyone has one thought when purchasing new canvas footwear. They hope to be able to enjoy the clean shoes forever without making any efforts to wash or clean them. However, rainy season and winter becomes a threat with those owning a pair of canvas shoes since water can pour into your shoes […]

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How to Clean Nubuck Shoes

With a variety of cool styles, nubuck shoes are an ideal option for all of the shoe lovers. This type of shoes attracts customers at the first glance. Made from cowhide, nubuck is not only beautiful but also comfortable for wearers. It catches most of the users’ first eyes thanks to the smooth texture and […]

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How to Clean Fabric Shoes

Fabric shoes are a favorite fashion option for most of the women. With a wide range of designs and colors, this type of shoes matches easily any outfit. You can wear them in both formal and casual occasions such as weddings, proms, etc… However, it takes you more time to clean fabric shoes than leather […]

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How to dye canvas shoes

Fashion and trends for canvas footwear are changing every minute; therefore, renewing your old shoes can help save more money and let your creation flow. As a result, do not hesitate anymore; it’s time to give your canvas shoes an appearance makeover. Having a pair of customized shoes is much better than purchasing brand new […]

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